About Us

Expraxis is a management consulting company focused on new technologies, sustainable innovation and renewable energy. Expraxis also provides QMS auditing to ISO 9001:2008 and biofuels verification and audit services for GHG emissions (EU ETS/ISO 14064) and sustainability to the ISCC, REDcert and RSPO meta-standards, the EU Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality Directives.

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We are moving!

On 15th November we will be moving our operations to Cambourne Business Park, just outside Cambridge.  Our mailing address will be:

1010 Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6DP

All other address details (phone, fax, email and website) remain unchanged.

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Full Economic Costing of Professional Services

Many companies and professionals deliver services to third parties.

Establishing an appropriate rate for charging those services to customers is a commercial matter. The price at which a contract is sold is often determined subjectively, taking into considering how badly the supplier needs the business and how much it is thought the client is willing to pay. This may be entirely reasonable. However, in order to deliver these services at a profit, it is necessary that the price is at least as high as the true cost to the supplier of delivering those services. Continue reading

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Ideas For Building Better Software Businesses

I reproduce in full here a fascinating article on building software businnesses that I found on onstartups.com. It is a summary of a talk given by Dharmesh Shah and the original article can be found here. The video pops up in a separate page. Continue reading

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Are your Prices High Enough?

I recently saw a very engaging article called “Do Mercedes Salespeople Stay Up Nights Worrying About Low Kia Prices?”. It’s a very good question. Continue reading

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