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Expraxis is a management consulting company focused on new technologies, sustainable innovation and renewable energy. Expraxis also provides QMS auditing to ISO 9001:2008 and biofuels verification and audit services for GHG emissions (EU ETS/ISO 14064) and sustainability to the ISCC, REDcert and RSPO meta-standards, the EU Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality Directives.

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Regulatory Changes for Biofuels in Germany – or “Much Ado about Nothing”

Earlier this year, the German government announced a number changes to the ways that obligated parties would be regulated from 2015 onwards.

In short, obligated parties would no longer have a volumetric quota (x% of fuels distributed to be “renewable”), but would instead have a carbon saving quota (set at 3% GHG, from 2017 at 4.5% GHG and 7% GHG from 2020). Alongside this came some other changes, such as paving the way for green electricity and hydrogen as an energy source for road transport, and the removal of “double counting” incentives for certain biofuels.

The last change in particular has been the source of much confusion and uncertainty in the biofuels market, not helped by the slow pace at which detailed auditing and verification guidance has been made available to the industry. In reality, the impact on most biofuel supply chain operators will be far less dramatic than many have feared. Continue reading

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New Year – New Company

From 1st January 2014, all business of Expraxis Limited will be taken over by our new Swiss company, Expraxis GmbH. 

Our address will be:

Altdorfbachweg 10
CH-6354 Vitznau

Telephone, email and web address details will be unchanged.

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European Commission proposes Amendments to the Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality Directives

Last Wednesday the European Commission published a number of proposed amendments to the 2009 Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality Directives.  These amendments address criticisms that the current Directives do not take sufficient account of emissions from indirect land-use change (where demand for feedstock for biofuels drives food crop farmers onto land which has a high carbon stock) and do not provide sufficient incentive to the biofuels industry to adopt advanced (low-ILUC) biofuels.

Now the proposals have been published, they must be agreed by EU governments and
lawmakers in a process that can take up to two years. If adopted the proposals will have signficant impact on the biofuels industry. Continue reading

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Revised RTFO Guidance for Biofuels from Waste

Many biofuels traders have experienced difficulties in recent weeks because of a perceived lack of clarity from RTFO on the correct verification protocols for biofuels from waste (so called “double counting” fuels and UCOME in particular). We believe these concerns to be largely unjustified, however there is evidence of a shift in emphasis by RTFO from purely documentary verification to a more system-oriented approach.

Continue reading

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Expraxis now operating in Switzerland

Expraxis now has an operating base in Switzerland:

Expraxis Limited, Cambridge
Zweigniederlassung Immensee
Immostrasse 3a
CH-6405 Immensee

t: +41 41 504 1271
m: +41 79 104 9471

Having the Swiss operating base offers enormous potential for us to service companies across Europe.

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