Stephen is a consultant with substantial international experience in many different settings, ranging from the development and marketing of disruptive new technologies through to governance and the management of change in a not-for-profit setting.

He is analytical and creative, flexible and empathetic in a team environment, and he thrives in teams having diverse backgrounds, skills and knowledge sets. He is confident, discreet and sensitive when required, able to influence a broad range of different stakeholder groups.

Stephen’s sectorial focus is Software, Engineering, Cleantech and Renewables. He has worked closely with the University of Sheffield over the last 8 years and has founded three software companies with them in the fields of agile software development, semantic search and advanced engineering testing. He has been building business opportunities for these companies in the US and the Far East.

Prior to that Stephen was Manager of University Relations for Microsoft Research and European Marketing Manager responsible for the European implementation of the Microsoft Certified Professionals Programme in Europe and the market launch of several leading operating systems products.

In recent years, Stephen brought his broad sectorial experience to bear on consulting, pre-audit and verification services around biofuels supply chain certification.

He is a Verifier/Lead Verifier and Consultant in relation to Greenhouse Gas Emissions reports as they apply to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Recent work has included consulting advice to companies seeking ISCC and RED certification, spanning the entire supply chain from farm level to refineries and traders, international supply chain audits and assurance engagements in the US, Europe and the Far East against the ISCC, REDcert, RSPO, RTFO and Ofgem RO meta-standards, the Renewable Energy Directive, and the Fuel Quality Directive.


  • EU ETS and ISO 14064 Lead Verifier
    • Future Perfect/UKAS
    • Certificate No. GP‐UK‐CM‐280‐12‐440
    • Solihull, February 2012
  • ISCC System Training
    • ISCC
    • Köln, February 2012
  • ISCC Wastes and Residues Training
    • ISCC
    • Köln, March 2012
  • ISO 9001 Lead Auditor
    • Pera/UKAS
    • Certificate No. 75123/03/08
    • Middle Aston, March 2012
  • RSPO Supply Chain Certification Systems
    • David Ogg and Partners
    • Stuttgart, September 2012
  • REDCert System Training
    • Intertek Food Services
    • Stuttgart, September 2012